So Dead Swag

Show your love for So Dead with some super cool swag! Our items are available through Etsy and Teespring.

Etsy items are shipped out by the So Dead team, while Teespring items go right from the warehouse to your door.
Any issues with items purchased through Teespring need to be addressed with the company directly, as we aren’t able to do any sort of quality control there. Click on the “BUY IT NOW” link under the item you’d like to purchase to be taken to the appropriate shop. Apparel is available in a variety of colors, and additional prints are available in the Teespring shop.

For a full listing of our items available on Etsy, click HERE: So Dead Etsy Boutique

For a full listing of our items available on Teespring, click HERE: So Dead Teespring Shop

If you have any questions, please contact us at